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however, a few degrees warmer. refreshing outside. open the windows, the doors. let the fresh air in. it's 54 in frederick. baltimore at 58. pax river naval air station. reagan national 63. that's below average for this time a story again in to wednesday, but cooling again towards the end of the workweek. we'll look at your seven-day forecast coming up. >> our top story. another act of violence near a local college campus. for the third time since school
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started, a student was beaten and robbed in college park. it happened near route one, not too far from two earlier robberies. courtney robinson is live in college park with more details. good morning. >> good morning, scott. this is the third time in the last 10 days all of these happening in the very early morning hours. and of course, very frightening for students. >> three separate robberies near the university of maryland campus has students on edge. >> i do fear for my life sometimes. and it's not a good feeling. >> 2:00 a.m. sart prince george's county officers say four men attacked a student walking alone on hart wick road. while one man tried to punch a student. another took his wallet and emptied it. >> the suspects are definitely trying to outnumber the amount of vills, so they have the advantage when they assault them. >> according to officers that's what happened august 29 right in front of a large apartment
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complex. five men attacked three students waiting for a bus. two of the victims got away unharmed. the men robbed and beat the third student. just two days earlier the robbery ended with the arrest of a 15-year-old and this man. police believe they and a number of others tried to pull two females from a car in a hotel lot. >> you want to feel safe. >> and officers are still investigating all these attacks taking place offcampus. it's unclear if they are connected. but campus police want students to be aware of their surroundings. >> thank you, courtney. now to a developing tory from northeast d.c. where police are 1ef6ing for a gunman who opened fire on 53rd street.
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two female juflse and an adult male were hurt in that drive-by shooting. and police are investigating an accident involving one of their own cruisers. at 3:30 a.m. near missourihand. their car also caught fire after that accident. police are now directing traffic in that area. >> 14 d.m.v. offices throughout the state of virginia will be open today. a computer glitch prevented the d.m.v. from processing drivers licenses and i.d. cards for about a week. today they will deal with a backlog or commerce. the offices will be open from 8:00 a.m. to noon today. five metro red line stations will be closed today to do work. tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. metro is making improvements
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along an 8-mile stretch of track. they are expected to reopen in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. >> president obama will announce his newest plan to jump-start the economy. observers can't help but note it comes just three weeks before crucial midterm elections. emily schmidt joins us live with the details. good morning, emily. >> scott, good morning to you. yes. here we are at the unofficial end of summer. same as the beginning of the falls season. that's why president obama is is planning to spend this next week focusing on the economy. he will make a proposal about infrastructure improvements. later in the week the talk moves to talk for tax plans for small businesses. republicans like john mccain say
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it's a clear sign the president is flailing about to try to find ideas to help solve the problem with the economy. midterm elections now less than two months away. control for congress may certainly be up for grabs. on wednesday, president obama is going to outline more ideas for the economy. in cleveland, ohio, that's the same place last month minority leader john boehner spoke and said that president obama should fire his entire economic team. reporting live in northwest, i'm emily schmidt. back to you. >> thank you emily. schools in northern virginia reopen tomorrow with more students than ever. but tighter budgets. fairfax county schools have 3200 more students and $34.5 million less to spend. the school system will cut spending per student by $300 and
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there will also be new student fees including $100 for each sport played. >> and people in eastern canada are cleaning up the damage left behind after the storm moved through this weekend. it knocked down power lines and trees. including this one that crashed through this home in nova scotia. forecasters say tropical storm hermine has formed in the gulf of mexico. a tropical storm warning is now in effect for south texas and minority eastern mexico. tropical storm hermine could dump several inches of rain in that area. just another thing they have to deal with. >> yes. been busy the last month or so in the tropics. >> still ahead, dirty politics at play? we've got a warning for local voters about two possible scams. >> plus your chance to win a trip to new york city for regis and kel8y's high heel aon this. >> but first another check of the back to work and school
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>> coming up on 6:10 a.m. on this monday morning. labor day morning. meteorologist adam caskey live outside. and it's very refreshing outside. not much action here on the streets of rosslyn. i think i'm the only person out here. it's going to be another lovely day today. an extension of the weekend with a lot of sun and comfortable
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conditions with low humidity. look at martinsburg. 53 at reagan national. the hot spot is annapolis at 66 degrees. that's it. very nice start to our monday. high temperature today in the mid 80's. warmer tuesday and wednesday with a lot of sunshine but low humidity. >> all right. some exciting news for fans of "regis and kelly." scott? >> as the -- we have a chance for you to win a trip to new york city. all to take part in the show's annual high heel-athon. all week long just watch "regis and kelly," here, look for the keyword of the day and log on to, the online home of abc 7 news, type it in. get all five key words for chances to win and see the complete rules and chances for a win on
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>> i haven't looked over the rules and regulations for this competition, but is it friendly for all sexes? i mean, since you logged on earlier. >> i am not a veteran of wearing high heels. but i can't imagine i they would be exlution narrow. >> i'm sure regis will don a pair. >> yes. >> high heels or not. it's 62 degrees outside. >> coming up in today's "moneyscope." solving the financial chris sis. >> and in a final push for the primary, why some candidates are concerned about misleading information. i'm breian carter. those details coming up. >> first picking up the pieces ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home,
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and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance. she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. >> our top stories at 6:12,
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investigators are looking for four people who attacked and robbed a university of maryland student. it happened yesterday morning on hart wick road in college park. the student suffered minor injuries, but this is the third such attack on a university of maryland student in the past 10 days. president obama will hit the road this week to unveil a new jump-start to the economy. he is expected to call on congress to extend and expand a tax credit allowing businesss to write off development costs and may also endorse a payroll tax holiday for new hires. and the city of christ church. two days after the earthquake caused extensive damage. troops have moved in to help secure the hardest hit part of the city. at least 500 buildings were damaged. >> and voters took advantage of the holiday weekend to cast their ballot. elections officials tell "the washington post" more than 3300
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people voted on saturday at five locations around the city. officials say voters didn't have to wait more than 15 minutes. early voting centers will be open today as well. and the labor day holiday marks the final stretch for the primary season, but here at home, a few warnings for voters. authorities in maryland h.d. are on the lookout for boeing gus ballots and a d.c. councilmember says he is the victim of a hit job. >> good morning. as you mentioned, voters in maryland and the district have already cast their ballots, some of them, but a warning this morning for voters the ballot in maryland looks real even saying official democratic ballot but authorities say it is fake. candidates now concerned this will trick voters. attorney doug gansler is now looking into it. he says it appears some have
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been endorsed at the bottom it says brought to you by citizens for change a group that doesn't exist. >> this is a completely fictitious committee. they were they ever register sterd and not filed with the state. >> we turn to the district where one candidate is hoping authorities will look into what he is calling an upsetting robocall. it calls councilman jim graham immoral. both candidates running against graham said they had nothing to do with it. >> thank you. the loudoun county board of supervisors is expected to vote this week on weather to allow decorations outside the county courthouse in leesburg. the issue will come up at a public hearing tomorrow, followed by a vote on wednesday. the current policy allows for holiday decorations as long as they are not attached to a tree, the building or the ground. >> u.s. muslims are boosting
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security at mosques ahead of this weekend's 9/11 anniversary. the move comes as protests intensify against a mosque at new york city's ground zero. some muslims are airing ads proclaiming their loyalty to the u.s. their goal is not only to protect muslims but also to prevent them from retalentuating if pro advocated. and a new winner at the weekend box office, and the president's plan for permanent tax credits to ends mortgage relief. >> these stories and more. >> and good morning. we begin your "moneyscope" report with president obama looking to boost the economy. the president will ask congress to increase a business research tax credit and make it permanent. other corporate tax breaks would end to pay for the 10-year, $100 billion plan. and launching a mortgage relief plan reducing the cost for those
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who owe more than their house is worth. disgraced hewlett-packard chief mark hurried may join oracle. he left amid a charge he filed a false report and a sex scandal. >> and the assassin drama took in -- a -- that's your "moneyscope" report. i'm rob nelson. >> time now for another check on your labor day forecast. >> adam? >> yes. looks great. what a great day today. that's all i need to say. >> well, then we don't need you. thanks for coming in and have a good day. [laughter] >> quiet labor day. that's great. we want it this way. it's just going to be an extension of the weekend we had, which is spectacular. we could use showers, we really could.
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but looks like a pretty dry week. here's a look at our storm can. they do have rain in the south. tropical storm hermine. yes. sorry harry potter fans, it looks like hermione, but it's not. it's hermine. barely a tropical storm. it will track off to the northwest and most likely remain a tropical storm. even by midday tomorrow. it should make landfall near mexico or texas. then it will track further north as it continues to dissipate and end up being just a big rain event there. a lot of sunshine here, and a few clouds here and there. the rain showers are in the midwest. they will stay out of our region, because we have high pressure protecting us. the cold front will move through wednesday evening. that will set the stage for
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cooler conditions as we roll on to the end of the workweek. 53 at reagan national. 58 at dulles. martinsburg, 47. winchester down to 47. cumberland, 54. 56 in annapolis. a little bit warmer along the water ways because water temperatures are still in the low 80's. so normal for this time of year. the temperatures along the water will be warmer. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average for this time of year. the backside of this high, what we call the return flow, basically meaning warmer temperatures. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. tonight a few degrees warmer than what we had last night. go to school tomorrow. at the bus stop mostly clear skies. in the upper 50's.
6:20 am
a lot of sunshine into tomorrow again. a few degrees warmer than what we have today. in the upper 80's. by thursday. good, comfortable jeans weather. >> are we done with the hot weather for good now? >> september you can still get real warmups. >> you had me on a high. now i'm on a low. but this might pick us up. >> we have to bring this again. we're talking about a story about buffalo wings, but nobody can go through them like alex andrea's own sonya thomas. >> known as the black widow on the professional eating circuit. she devoured over 100 wings, she's only 105 pounds and 5 feet tall. she defeated joey jaws chestnut
6:21 am
in the process. no comment from joey jaws about his defeat. but wow. look at her. there's the trophy. >> does she get anything else? money? >> heartburn. >> pepcid a.c.? >> at least an endorsement. >> all of a sudden she's going to be appearing in all those commercials? >> 62 degrees outside right now. >> coming up, more pressure to delay the school day. the latest push to let students get more sleep. >> and former "american idol" winner fantasia is going to address all those tabloid headlines, today at 4:00 here on abc 7. ♪
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>> montgomery county public school students should now have han easier time making healthy choices during lunch. nutrition information is now posted in cafeterias. the schools made the move partly to comply with the new county law and requires food outlets with more than 20 locations to post calorie information. >> teens need to sleep in more. at least that's the view from dr. jason every heart phipps say teenageers need nine or 10 hours of sleep every night and only
6:25 am
15% of teens get that. many get by with six hours or less. one solution would be to push back school start times. >> awe. >> poor babies. >> i'm sure the kids would really complain about that. >> all the schools going to school tomorrow. students. you know what i'm talking about. >> the shrinking school budgets often mean schools don't get enough supplies. >> and a study shows 90% of school teachers spend their own money to make sure students have supplies. a christian group world vision is supplying some supplies now nationwide. >> this will come in handy. >> anytime i find science material, i love. >> they are happy to receive figure. anything you give them, they are excited about it. >> world vision gets supplyers to donate excess inventory. they are distributed all around
6:26 am
the country where teachers can get them for free. a very good thing to hear. it's 6:25 and there's still another half-hour of good morning, washington. >> coming up, cleaning up on craig's list, the online classifieds cut a controversial section. >> this labor day, no picnic for millions of unemployed americans. the president says he has a new plan. i'm emily schmidt in washington. that story, coming up. >> i'm meteorologist adam caskey the belfour furniture weather center. a lot like what we had over the last couple of days. a fantastic labor day.
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>> i do fear for my life sometimes. and it's not a good feeling. >> straight ahead this half-hour, students on high alert after another violent attack near a local college
6:30 am
campus. good morning, washington. it is monday, september 6. i'm scott duman. >> and i'm natasha barrett. first we begin with what's happening outside. look at this beautiful, labor day morning. it is great. adam, tell us more about it. >> we're mainly in the 50's. somewhere down in the 40's. >> 40's? >> yes. let's take a look at it. especially in the shenandoah valley where people are camping this weekend. that's what you want to wake up to. 47 at mart inceburg and winchester. far from the local campgrounds, not far from there. locally we're in the 50's. fairfax at 58. reagan national the cool spot at this time at 63 -- i mean the warm spot at 63. so if that's the warm spot, you know it's going to be a nice day. a few degrees warmer than what
6:31 am
we had yesterday. but you're not going to notice the change. next chance of rain comes on sunday morning. i know we could use showers, but we 50e8 have to wait, it looks like. >> our top story this morning, a third violent attack at college park. the campus is on high alert after someone beat and robbed a student on hartwick road not far from the the earlier two robberies. courtney robinson is live with more. >> one of those attacks took place where we are now. as three students were waiting for a bus. a group of men came up and approached them, two of the victims were able to get away, but one was not. he was punched repeatedly in the face and ultimately robbed. but the most recent attack happened just this past saturday around 2:00 a.m. in the morning. that's when two prince george's county officers say four men
6:32 am
attacked a man walking alone. one man tried to punch the student. another took the student's wallet and emptied it. an attack also took place on august 27 involving two female students in a car at a hotel. officers tell us a couple of men tried to pull them from the car. they were able to get away. and suspects in that situation only were able to get away with one of the victims' purses. there was a 15-year-old and a 22-year-old man arrested in that. prince george's county officers not saying if these three separate attacks are related. we know they all took place in the very early morning hours between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. all taking place offcampus but still very unnerving for students. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. natasha? >> thank you, courtney. d.c. police are investigating a drive-by shooting that left three people injured. a man and two teenage girls were
6:33 am
shot on 53rd street in northeast d.c. police say their injuries are non-life threatening and officers are still searching for that gunman. >> a construction worker remains hospital after a trench collapsed. it happened in capital heights. construction workers were doing foundation work when a large pile of dirt collapsed on one of the men. it took firefighters about two hours to free him. he was taken to the in the hospital critical condition. >> even though it's labor day, 14 d.m.v. offices throughout the state of virginia will be open, a computer glitch prevented the d.m.v. from processing drivers licenses for about a week or so. today workers will deal with the backlog or customers. the offices will be open from 8:00 a.m. today till noon. they include offices in alexandria, fair oaks, leesburg and woodbridge. five stations on metro's red
6:34 am
line will remain closed on this labor day. those stations, tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont. crews are making repairs and safety improvements along an eight-mile stretch of track. metro officials say the work is on schedule. the stations are skemminged to reopen just in time for rush hour tomorrow morning. >> as americans mark this labor day, president will announce his newest plan to jump-start the economy. observers can't help but note it comes just three weeks before crucial midterm elections. emily schmidt is in washington with the details. >> president obama once predicted a summer of recovery. but on this labor day with unemployment hovering around 9.6%, the president is prepared to pitch a new economic plan. the administration confirms this week mr. obama will call to attend expand tax credits which allows businesss to write off development costs and may endorse a payroll tax holiday. >> the fact is if we'd done this
6:35 am
kind of thing nearly a couple years ago, we'd be in better shape. they are just flailing around. >> the president's plan comes weeks before midterm elections when the congress may be up for grabs. >> today president obama unveils infrastructure plans and more ideas in cleveland, ohio, the same city where last month, minority leader john boehner called upon the president to fire his economic team. emily schmidt, abc news, washington. >> now for the latest on hurricane earl. people in eastern canada are cleaning up the damage left behind after the storm moved through this weekend. it knocked down power lines and trees, including this one that crashed into this home in nova scotia. all right. bad weather forced authorities to suspend the search for more victims of the deadly mudslides in guatemala. torrential rains killed 38
6:36 am
people and dozens more are still believed to be trapped in the mud. there have been at least 15 mudslides there in the past two days. >> when good morning, washington continues, another dramatic exit for jetblue's most notorious flight attendant. >> plus the final stretch for primary season, now a new warning for local voters. >> but first another check on your back to work and back to school forecast. we'll be right back. you're watching good morning, we'll be right back. you're watching good morning, i catake one airline out... and another home. so with more flight options, i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. where you book matters. expedia.
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>> hi, i'm sean at the national zoo with our oldest mammal. she's the fourth oldest elephant. come see her. and good morning, washington. >> labor day morning. 6:39 a.m. meteorologist adam caskey live outside on this perfect, perfect monday morning. it's actually very refreshing. let's take a look at the numbers to start our day. upper 40's out west. winchester, 48. cumberland, 45. 63 at reagan national. in stafford, 54. the nice, refreshing comfortable start this morning. open the doors and windows and let the air circulate inside. mostly sunny with highs in the mid 80's today. upper 80's for tuesday and wednesday. 4 so as you go back to work and school, kids.
6:40 am
starting school in virginia and maryland of course. you will want the shorts and short sleeves. wednesday night we have a cold front. highs in the low 80's. so shorts tuesday and wednesday and comfortable jeans weather thursday and friday. i know we can use some showers, but we'll have to wait until saturday night into sunday morning. scott? >> it's actually me, thank you, adam. the university of virginia -- i thought we were coming back just to me. >> university of virginia is in charlottesville. but it could soon be as close as your iphone. >> the school rolled out their a named the good ole ap. it includes sports scores and university news. users say they'll listen to the good ole song and fight cheers.
6:41 am
>> everything's so high-tech. >> 6:40 now. 63 degrees outside. even colder in the studio. >> yes, it is. a craig's list crackdown, it bans adult ads, but could end up an idol threat. we'll tell you why. >> and jetblue's most infamous flight attendant makes another dramatic exit. >> this morning a warning for voters as you head to the polls. coming up, information about why some candidates are concerned. coming up, information about why some candidates are concerned. that's all here o there's something you never hear vince gray talk about: his record running dc's department of human services. why? under gray, dhs lost out on millions of federal dollars for missing paperwork; lost money for the homeless; even lost track of foster children.
6:42 am
a court ordered gray's department to improve child services. gray's not a bad guy but he was a bad manager. do we want to go back to that?
6:43 am
>> in our top stories, at 6:4 3, investigators are looking for
6:44 am
suspects in the third attack on university of maryland students in three days, and the man suffered minor injuries. police are trying to figure out if all these attacks are related. president obama hits the road this week to unveil a new plan to jump-start the economy. administration officials say he'll call on congress to attend expand a tax credit allowing businesses to write off development costs. he may also endorse a payroll tax holiday for new hires. and taliban militants used rocket propelled grenades and morters to attack afghan forces and a school in southern afghanistan. there are reports an afghan soldier was wounded during that hour-long battle this morning. there are no reports of u.s. casualties. >> to battleground maryland where bob ehrlich has released his first tved a of his
6:45 am
campaign. thed a, which aired yesterday, features the former governor and his family saying the state is in trouble. the primary races in d.c. and maryland are entering the final stretch but this labor day a few warnings for voters. brianne carter is in our newsroom with more. >> some voters have already cast their ballots, but this morning a new warning, as you mentioned. in both jurisdictions, some campaigns are worried about information. as candidates make their final push to the primary. >> with the primary more than a little -- just a week away. focused on re-election, councilman jim graham is asking authorities to look into what he calls an upsetting robocall. >> jim graham is immoral, let's
6:46 am
give someone who will fight for our children, not kill them. >> and doug gansler is looking into what he is calling a fraudulent campaign flier. authorities say it's fake. >> it's completely insidious and designed to mislead and suppress the vote. >> gansler says the ballot also falsely implies some candidates have been endorsed by others. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> thank you. craig's list adult section for services is shut down. but how much have things really changed? recently 17 state attorney generals filed suit demanding craig's list adult services be shut down. they said the company was not doing enough to deter prostitution and child trafficking. craig's list complied with the
6:47 am
request over the weekend. >> it's protecting teenagersers. >> they've been selling all these things they shouldn't actually be selling. i don't think they even claimed that they did that. >> craig's list has a casual encounters section. it posts ads for services such as personal massages and a night's companionship. now to the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. investigators are a step closer to figuring out what triggered the massive spill. authorities will try to figure out why the device failed to keep oil from gushing into the water after april's oil rig explosion. >> it has been one month since 33 miners became trapped a half mile below ground in chile. the family members and government officials and others gathered at the mine site to mark the ceremony. they became trapped after the
6:48 am
mine shaft collapsed. officials say it could still take weeks or months to bring the men to the surface. >> jetblue's most infamous flight attendant quit his job with the airline and got fed up during a flight last month and made a dramatic exit. he opened the plane's emergency chute and slid down. he was later arrested and charged with two felonies. he goes to court this week to finally solve those charges. >> good times for slater. no reality show for him yet. adam caskey, maybe you? >> doesn't he call leave your job like that the slater slide? >> yes. >> can't help it. he's never going to replace a.c. slater. whenever i hear a.c. slater in my head, don't tell me you don't think that. whenever you hear slater. no comment, scott? all right. let's go to our storm scan.
6:49 am
we have a new tropical storm in the gulf of mexico at this time. sorry harry potter fans. it looks like hermione, but it's hermine. tropical storm hermine right now barely a tropical storm actually. maximum sustained winds at 40 miles per hour. so just a low-end tropical storm tracking to the northwest. should make landfall in north mexico, south texas. wet system moving into texas, then northward as it continues to dissipate locally, fantastic weather. another day full of sunshine, and actually, very refreshing conditions. the showers of the midwest will stay out of our region. a cold front drop temperatures before the end of the workweek. numbers outside nice. 47 in martinsburg, 47 in winchester.
6:50 am
marshall, virginia only 55. warmer along the water. pax river naval air station at 53. fairfax at 58. ok. so for today a lot of sunshine. high temperatures warmer than yesterday. 82 was the high yesterday. exactly average. record high, 98 degrees. nothing even close to that for the foreseeable future. we deserve that, don't we? after the hottest record summer here? jet stream, that will kick a little further off to the north come tomorrow. that means we'll pull a little warmer air to the south. so a few degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow just a few degrees warmer than today. mostly sunny skies. not too humid. look at what that cold front does. near 80.
6:51 am
most of maryland goes back to school. looks like shorts and short sleeve type of weather to go back to school then by thursday and friday, bring out the jones. maybe some showers by sunday. >> zippy hoody for the kids? they are still in fashion, right? >> i love that. they are so comfortable. >> we'll get you one. we'll be back in a second with a lot more, right? >> that's right. good morning, washington taking a look at this beautiful labor day. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india,
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♪ [ male aouncer ] giving ucigarettes catake more than wlpower alone. but today'a new day. for many, smokg is a treatable dical condition. talk to your doctor about prescripti treatment optionand support.
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>> all right, it's 6:54, time for one last check on this morning's top story. >> another violent attack on a student blocks away from the campus of the university of maryland. >> scott, this is one of three that's happened in the past 10 days. of course, putting students here at the university of maryland on edge. and the campus on high alert, because we're not just talking
6:55 am
about one person attacking another. there are large groups of people attacking other smaller groups assaulting them and robbing them. on august 29 there were three students waiting at a bus stop and a group of five men approached them. two students were able to get away and one was not. he was punched repeatedly in the face and robbed. this past saturday around 2:00 a.m. prince george's county officers say four men attacked the man as he was walking on hartwick road near princeton road. officers say while one man tried to punch the student, another took the student's wallet and got away with the cash. another incident august 27 on bureau win road or excuse me on enter win road at a hotel. two female students in a car. very scary for these students. officers are investigating but it is worth saying students need
6:56 am
to be aware of their surroundings. attacks have all taken place between 1:00 a.m. and 2:00 a.m. in the morning. it's unclear if they are related. but if you have information, call police. scott and natasha? >> thank you courtney robinson. moving on adam, another great morning i think you're halfway responsible for? i'm giving you some credit. >> i do my best. very refreshing outside right now. we're in the 40's and 50's in the outlying areas. reagan national, comfortable and below average for this time of year. mostly sonny -- mostly sunny today. temperatures will drop near 80 for thursday and friday. going back to school tomorrow, you'll want the shorts and short sleeves, because it's going to be hot but not too humid. >> serious relief later on. that does it for good morning, washington. more news coming up at 7:22.
6:57 am
>> "good morning america" is next. we'll see you at noon.
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